Pakistan Client in QLQ Mould Factory

Jul 25, 2018 QLQ zipper
Pakistan Client in QLQ Mould Factory-QLQ Zipper

On March 20, our big client Mr. Muhammad Zaim with his two technicians from Pakistan came to QLQ mould factory in Huadu, Guangzhou. We have had a partnership for years. They are going to stay in the factory for one month to learn mould production.

Every day they stay in the factory, in our QLQ uniforms and working with our workers. Our technicians teach them patiently in mould disassembly, examination, welding, grinding, electrifying, polishing, sample test, etc. We win our clients not only by good quality of the products, but also by our sincere after-sales service.

Our Boss Mr. Qiu and Mr. Zaim with his two technicians.

Mr. Zaim and his technicans learned from our technician very seriously.

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