How to choose high quality brass YG slider

May 6, 2023 QLQ zipper
high quality brass YG slider
Brass YG slider is suitable for metal zipper with normal teeth, Y teeth or corn teeth.
Every slider is selected by selecting machine to assure smooth operation of slider mounting machine
Magnetic / Non-magnetic YG Slider for your choice
*The magnetic model is cheaper than the non-magnetic.
*Mainly used for high-grade clothing, mainly sold to the European and American markets.
How to choose high quality brass YG slider?
Needle detector machine is a ferromagnetic metal induction machine in the
textile industry, mainly used for textile ferromagnetic metal foreign body detection. 
Non-magnetic YG Slider can pass grade ≥6 test of needle detector.
If the customer requests needle test, we will take sampling inspection to assure the quality.
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